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The Cala Project

Cross-platform system interface for hardware IO

The Cala Project is a collection of platform agnostic Rust crates for interfacing with computer hardware from a user space application. The goal is to make a pure-Rust alternative to both GTK, SDL, and Flutter.

About The Cala Crate

Easily create cross-platform applications. Some common tasks are not easily portable across different platforms, and this crate hopes to fix that. That way you don't have to worry about how to port your GUI, audio, or bluetooth interface, etc. and can get straight to building your application's content!

Cala is a platform-agnostic system interface for hardware IO. This means that eventually, Cala should support all of the different hardware that's connected to your computer. Cala is designed so that it talks to the operating system to interface with the hardware, so no special permissions are needed for your application.

Plop Grizzly

A software, video game, and electronics company.

Plop Grizzly is a company that develops high-tech software and video games. It was founded by Jeron Aldaron Lau in Roseville, MN, US. We're currently in development on our first product, which is a video game called Plop Grizzly.



Fall Into Music™

ScoreFall Studio

Web-based music composition software.


Other GitHub Organizations I'm Part Of

Muon Data Format

MuON is a text format for data serialization. It is suitable for configuration files and data interchange — as expressive as other formats, but much simpler.

# MuON example
movie: Alien
  director: Ridley Scott
  cast:=Sigourney Weaver
      :=Tom Skerritt
      :=John Hurt
  release: 1979-06-22
    region: USA
  release: 1979-09-06
    region: UK
  gross: 203_630_630
  emoji: 👽 👾