About Me

Jeron Lau is a programmer, composer, trombonist, a senior at Augsburg University, and the founder of The Cala Project, Plop Grizzly, and ScoreFall. Jeron's favorite programming language is Rust, and favorite genre of music is synth-pop.


Reinventing Asynchronous Rust

A Brief Intro To Asynchronous Programming In Rust

Lets say you want to write some async/.await code in Rust, since it's new and cool. Let's start with the simplest async program that you could write (a timer). First we have to create a Future, something that completes at some point in the future but won't start unless you execute it (in Rust, this is called lazy evaluation). Here's some code to start:

Fixing Jitter - Timestep Issues


While working on Cala, I noticed something strange about how timesteps are usually handled, and a way to fix an issue with them. A little bit of background first: a timestep (delta time) is how much time passes between each frame in a game or animation. In the early days games didn't handle this correctly. They would develop for whatever computer system was popular at the time and set a fixed delta time.